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Become an Eden Rose Super Affiliate

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What is a Super Affiliate? 

The world needs your help! A Super Affiliate is an Eden Rose affiliate who is willing and ready to put in the time to help promote our brand in exchange for extra cash. Your super power? You can transform any one's day into a great one! We have so many people tell us that they love our brand and what we stand for and we won't stop growing now. We believe that Eden Rose can make the world a better place by spreading positivity & self-love. By becoming a Super Affiliate, you become a part of the Eden Rose family. Your mission is to spread love to makeup artists world wide by dm2dm marketing. Sign up now. 

Whats the point? 

Studies show that the best way for an emerging brand to grow an engaged, loyal community is by offering exclusive sales directly to potential customers. This gives the company the ability to engage and introduce itself while helping customers feel more connected to the brand. Eden Rose is looking to build a community of life-time customers and we need your help! We are all about self-love & are proud to offer beauty lovers and aspiring muas an opportunity to make money by dm2dm marketing for Eden Rose.  To get started sign up here. 

 The Backstory!

When we first launched our site we we're just some 20 year old's with a love for beauty and passion to help others. We we're in college with little money and too much time. We launched our first site and after wasting money on influencers; we had to find a way to make the most of our resources. We began dm'ing people our sales and after days of being turned down we began to see sales. After weeks of being critiqued we improved upon our approach. And after months of trying new things we've finally perfected and copyrighted our Dm2Dm marketing strategy. It feels great to spread love every single day to talented muas. We are helping the world by inspiring muas worldwide to follow their passion and strive for greatness! Are you looking to join the team? Make money from home? Turn free time into funds? To start making guaranteed sales, sign up here.