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Eden Rose Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate Program is free to join and available to all sites and persons based in the U.S, Canada, UK, and Australia. Simply apply, wait for acceptance, and add our banners or links to your site or social to start earning commission every month! Become a Super Affiliate now to earn $200+/wk guaranteed, while working from home!


Three Benefits of Becoming an Eden Rose Affiliate. 

  1. Its free to join and you receive $5 instantly when you refer a friend! 
  2. Earn up to 15% commission on all product sales directed through your link. 
  3. Receive daily support and tips to optimize your time and increase your earnings. 


What Do I Do as an Affiliate? 

  • Earn cash every time someone buys through your link! 

Just choose a product to promote to your audience and add your affiliate link in your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter bio. You can use your strategies to drive sales or you become a super affiliate to guarantee that you make $200+/wk, from home!


More Reasons To Work With Us: 

  • Each month you will be automatically entered into our $100 monthly giveaway! 
  • We'll be selecting a few top affiliates to win a trip to Houston, Texas in December for the launch of our first store.
  • You may get early pick on limited/seasonal products dropping this fall/winter season. 
  • If you are looking to make over $200 a week as an affiliate you will need to Become a Super Affiliate and earn up to 15% commission or get paid $10/hr.
  • Eden Rose is the #1 self-love boutique in America! We offer products that cater to your body & soul, improve your confidence, and add value to your everyday life! We are determined to become the #1 self-love boutique in the world!
  • We keep our community connected by releasing valuable content about beauty and self-love.
  • We'll always let you be the first to know about new trends and sales in the beauty and self-love industry so that you are always ahead of the curve. 



By becoming an Eden Rose affiliate marketer you will automatically receive daily marketing advice so that you can make more money through your affiliate link and you can opt-in to receive free weekly digital downloads that break down everything that you need to know to learn "How To Become A Huge Influencer". If you are looking to make $200+ as an affiliate marketer you will want to "Become A Super Affiliate." We have all rights to terminate any affiliate that we deem to be abusing or disobeying the rules of our affiliate program.