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Dm More People In Less Time

Posted on July 16 2018

Stop Overthinking!

  • Stick to the script! Don't overthinking what to say. Don't like any pictures. Don't go scrolling. After you follow and dm, turn their page into list mode and leave 1 "compliment" shortcut and 1 "check your dm" shortcut. Watch the demos and read over your shortcuts to get more familiar with the process! 


  • Honestly its all about repetition. Look over your video and the process so that you know that you are doing everything correctly and in order. Your dm'ing speed will increase the more you dm and after a week you should be dm'ing 100 potential customers per hour. If you notice that you are dm'ing less than 1 person per minute than you may want to time yourself.

Time yourself 

  • Before reaching out to people, set the intention to be fast as lightning! Go to the clock on your phones, click timer, and set your timer to 1 minute. Your goal is to dm over 2 people in 1 minute! If you don't meet your goal before the timer goes off don’t worry, just press repeat and keep trying. Make sure you are following all instructions in order of how to reach out to potential customers. All steps are crucial.You'll see improvement immediately! After a week you'll be dm'ing over 100 potential customers per hour! 

Turn on some music/turn off your brain

  • Listening to fast pace music can really get you in the zone. Put on some vibes that fit your mood and before you know it the music will have your fingers flying from person to person with speed and ease. 


    • If you want to make the most money Dm2Dm marketing then you might not want to be out at the club or having a day out with your friends while dm'ing. The best time to dm is at night from 6pm-12am, 12pm-2pm, and 9am-10am depending the day of the week. Whether your looking to make $200+ a week dm'ing or just looking to make $30 a week dm'ing people during the few moments of free time you have during your days; the Eden Rose Dm2Dm Marketing Handbook will get you to your goal!

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