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How to Create a Portable Vision Board

Posted on March 10 2018

I've seen and heard about vision boards for years now. I've always thought they were cool but never found them convenient or wanted to blast my vision on my wall! That's when I thought about making a portable vision board. One that I can carry with me everywhere that I go and could look at constantly. It will always be on my mind because it's always in my purse!


Let's start off with the basics...what even is a vision board?

That's pretty simple. A vision board is a board of some sort that shows you all of your dreams and desires in one place. It's a spot for you to see everything it is that you want out of life and then manifest it by focusing on it daily.

When you see it, it's easier for you to believe it and achieve it. The vision board doesn't technically have to be a board. It can be a piece of paper or even a wallpaper on your phone. It doesn't have to be super fancy, but keep in mind that these are your dreams you're dealing with! Put a little time and effort into this piece to make sure the universe understands how important this is to you. You always want to take your dreams seriously.

Once you've gotten your notebook, it's time for the fun part! Creating and organizing all of your dreams and visions into your new portable vision board.

I'm quite frugal, so I didn't want to go out and spend money on magazines that I would just cut up for their pictures. Utilize the internet for this project. Scour the internet for pictures that represent exactly what it is that you want from life. 


Side Note:

I chose to make my setup more of a life vision board, but feel free to niche down here! If there is an area of your life that you really feel like manifesting in, then focus on that! 

If it's a new, creative career - cut out pictures that show exactly what you want your work life to be like.

If you're focusing on a family lifestyle - cut out pictures of things based more around that topic. (Families, homes, weddings, etc.)


I can not stress enough the importance of being detailed. Pinterest and Google are your key players in this project! There is a picture that will describe everything that you want from life. You just need to find it. 

Once you've saved all of your pictures, get them all organized to fit on a couple pieces of paper. You don't want to waste your resources for this thing! The easiest way to get all of your pictures on one page would probably be the Paint app or Photoshop. There's a million other ways to get this part done, those are just the easiest for me. 

When you've got your pictures all organized in a way that saves your paper supply - print them out! Start cutting each picture out and laying them down where you think you want them to be in your notebook. I only used one page of the notebook, but you can use a two page spread if you need more room for your dreams.

Pictures don't have to be the only thing you put in your board. If there is a quote or saying that you really connect with, write it! Or find a cool font and type it out to be pasted on your board. The whole point of this is to inspire you and remind you how attainable your visions can be. 

If you're feeling crazy, you can just grab your glue stick and paste away. The OCD side of me will not let that happen, so I have to try different layouts to find the right one that looks the most aesthetically pleasing. Once you've got something laid out that feels right, make it permanent!

Manifestations and vision boards aren't a set it and forget it type of deal. They need focus and commitment. Look at your board DAILY. This is the reason you made it portable, so that it's easier for you to pay mind to more consistently.

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